FORBRAIN® is a revolutionary brain training headset empowering people with speech, language, and attention challenges.

Integrate FORBRAIN® into your daily routine by dedicating 10-20 minutes to speaking, singing, or reading aloud your homework or books. Use it standalone or connect a secondary microphone for sessions with a tutor, therapist, or parent.

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What's included?

  • Bone conduction headset with microphone and dynamic filter
  • Additional secondary microphone
  • USB charging cable
  • Educational support guide
  • Protection case
  • User manual

FORBRAIN® can help individuals with:

✅ Dyslexia  ✅ ADHD  ✅ Speech Difficulties  ✅ Speech Sound Disorders  ✅ Auditory Processing Disorders  ✅ Autism Spectrum Disorder

…and teachers, professionals, performers – anyone who would like to speak more clearly and confidently!

With FORBRAIN® you can enjoy

✅ Clearer speech

✅ Sharper attention

✅ Stronger memory

✅ Improved auditory processing

✅ Enhanced outcomes from therapy sessions

What our users think of FORBRAIN®

Jan W.
Jan W.
Great product!!!!
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Very good quality. Works fantastic for my kiddos and myself. We are a family with severe ADD and HD. My kids and myself have an audio disorder of some kind plus our voices go very loud and it really helps to regulate our voices down. Helps with focusing and learning. My only complaint is the cost if it was a little more affordable I could buy one for each of my children. Do the cost I could only afford one so we all share it’s use. If I could afford two more, I would buy them for each of my children and send it to school with them.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Simple and easy to use with excellent outcomes.
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I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist and I use the Forbrain with many of my patients. We are seeing excellent outcomes, particularly in terms of improved clarity of speech production, modulation of vocal loudness level, improved prosody, positive changes in both facial and vocal affect and greater attention for processing (receiving, storing, organizing and retrieving) information that comes in along the auditory pathway. My patients that use the Forbrain range in age from 6-8 years old to over 70 years with a wide variety of diagnoses. We're also seeing these outcomes maintained over time. It's an excellent product; well made; simple and easy to use. When it's easy, the work gets done and we get outcome. Thank you Sound For Life.
It's a great product!
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I’ve used and recommended Forbrain for years. As a clinician I offer Forbrain in my office as a trial, if someone doesn’t find them useful, they don’t waste money. I work with many client who have Auditory Processing. ADHD, Dyslexia, learning disabilities; my clients become fond of Forbrain and parents end up buying a set. Parents report improved reading and increased affinity for reading. Overall, this is a great product. As with anything else, consistency of use if a huge factor. I highly recommended this product.
Dramatic Results!
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The Forbrain headset has dramatically improved the speech dexterity and voice color of my clients, both with kids and musicians. I have seen vast improvements in the clarity/articulation,pitch, and reading skills of Dyslexic clients as well. Additionally, it has positively impacted my business clients who do a lot of public speaking; improving word retention/memory and adding color and richness to monotone voices. Everyone can benefit from Forbrain in a very short time.
Terrey H.
Terrey H.
Accelerates progress with developmental goals
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We purchased some headsets to use in our paediatric development clinic and have been really pleased with the results. We have observed wonderful therapeutic shifts and the children have enjoyed using them. Progress we've observed: improved attention, improved vocal clarity, increased reading speed and general comprehension. We've found regular use over at least 4 weeks results in the greatest changes, Thoroughly recommend his product!
New york
New york
Multiple ways to use
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I am an occupational therapist and i use forbrain with many clients. It successfully supports auditory processing snd articulation. My peers use it to help memories information during study. My clients that are singers use it to improve the resonance of their voice. All results so amazing
Great Device for auditory processing and language enhancement
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I have been using this in my occupational therapy practice for the last year. All of my clients feedback's were very positive. I noted improvement with language in my seven years old daughter.
Toby B.
Toby B.
Forbrain working so far
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My son struggles with ADD. ForBrain helps him to focus while reading out loud. We have had the product for a couple of weeks. We look forward to seeing the results after doing this for a month or so.
No screen or app required

Forbrain is 100%


Clinically proven
to be effective

Long Battery Life

Up to a month with
standard use

Award-winning device
7 awards won in the
Education field
Recommended by 7K+ Therapists
…and 50 000+ happy

Our unique technology

High-sensitivity Microphone

Our high sensitivity microphone captures the soundwaves of your voice as you speak, sending the information to the dynamic filter to be processed live.

Patented Dynamic Filter

To deliver your corrected voice, the patented filter amplifies high-frequency sounds and softens low-frequency sounds, all that while blocking environmental noise.

Bone Conduction Transducers

Our bone conduction technology transmits the sounds through your temporal bones 10x faster than it would travel through the air, allowing you to hear yourself better and more clearly in real-time.

What do experts say about FORBRAIN®?

How to wear the headset

1. Turn the headphones on by pressing the ON/OFF button.

2. Place the hoop behind your head, above your neck.

3. Place the headphones on the bone in front of the ears.

4. Adjust the microphone position to 1.2 inches (3cm) from the mouth.

Enjoy enhanced outcomes and improved rhythm, balance & coordination with the SOUNDSORY & FORBRAIN Bundle

If your child also experiences motor difficulties, you can see improved results by pairing the use of FORBRAIN with the SOUNDSORY program.

SOUNDSORY® is a multi-sensory home based program that helps improve motor and cognitive abilities. The program consists of specially designed musical pieces with neuro-acoustic modifications, and a series of videos with movement exercises.

Reach your full potential with no extra time or effort

Forbrain integrates seamlessly into your daily life. You can wear the headset for a few minutes per day while you:

Integrate Forbrain read
Read your book aloud
Integrate Forbrain homework
Do your homework out loud
Integrate Forbrain sing
Sing along to your favourite songs
Integrate Forbrain family conversation
Have conversations with family and friends

Work in tandem with experts or parents

A simple solution, backed by science

The FORBRAIN® headset is a clinically evaluated device whose effectiveness has been proven by several scientific studies. Our one-of-a-kind patented technology helps you achieve better results with little to no extra time and effort input. Through rigorous research it has been proven to aid with auditory processing, reading, comprehension, attention, speech and communication.

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Forbrain® on Cognitive Functions

Forbrain graph impact on cognitive functions

The person speaks directly into the microphone and FORBRAIN®’s dynamic filter modifies the voice, helping them to clearly hear the sounds, only slightly louder. High-frequency or ‘bright’ sounds are highlighted by the filter which energizes the brain. This allows the person to work on improving their auditory feedback loop.

No, FORBRAIN® operates wirelessly and autonomously. However, you can choose to use the headphone jack to connect to a phone or computer and practice with audio content.
FORBRAIN® has an immediate impact on the sound of your voice. With consistent training, FORBRAIN® acts like a brain training tool to improve speech, attention, and memory.
Yes, FORBRAIN® is recommended by 7,000+ professionals worldwide. FORBRAIN® is backed by years of research and is designed to support therapeutic programs. When used as a complement, it can boost specialist and client efforts, and time to results. FORBRAIN® is also suited for at-home use because it acts as a bridge in-between sessions.
Of course. FORBRAIN® can be used between regular sessions to reinforce the work done with your client. Considering therapy is usually a long-term approach, FORBRAIN® optimizes and complements these efforts.
The device comes with a user manual containing simple tips on how to introduce FORBRAIN® to your child. Most children love to wear FORBRAIN®, it makes them feel special like a pilot or a rockstar! Nevertheless, if your child still refuses to wear it you can request a full refund under our 30-day money-back guarantee.
We ship from the US, Mexico, Luxembourg, Poland, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.
We deliver to homes and businesses around the world except for Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, China, Central African countries, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. To buy FORBRAIN® in these countries, please check our local distributors.