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FORBRAIN® is a revolutionary brain training headset empowering people with speech, language, and attention challenges.

Integrate FORBRAIN® into your daily routine by dedicating 10-20 minutes to speaking, singing, or reading aloud your homework or books. Use it standalone or connect a secondary microphone for sessions with a tutor, therapist, or parent.


SOUNDSORY® is a multi-sensory home based program that helps improve motor and cognitive abilities.

The program consists of specially designed musical pieces with neuro-acoustic modifications, and a series of videos with movement exercises.

The program is spread over 40 days, 30 minutes each day.

SOUNDSORY & FORBRAIN US$598.00 Original price was: US$598.00.US$478.00Current price is: US$478.00.
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Enhance Your Learning Journey: The SOUNDSORY® and FORBRAIN® Bundle

Welcome to a groundbreaking approach to improving cognitive abilities and motor skills. Our FORBRAIN® and SOUNDSORY® bundle offers a unique combination of programs designed to cater to individuals of all ages. Grounded in solid research, these tools are your pathway to achieving enhanced cognitive functions and motor skills.

Whether you aim to boost your academic skills, improve your speech, enhance your sensory integration, or fine-tune your motor skills, our bundle is crafted to meet your needs. It’s a versatile solution that adapts to your personal goals and schedule, making it an integral part of your daily routine or a periodic enhancement program.

Introducing SOUNDSORY® and FORBRAIN®

This exclusive bundle pairs two innovative solutions:

Soundsory bundle
SOUNDSORY®, a listening and movement program, aims at strengthening your sensory integration and cognitive functions,
along with improving balance and coordination.
Forbrain bundle
FORBRAIN®, an audio-vocal training device, utilizes bone conduction and a dynamic filter to enhance your voice patterns, boosting your listening, learning, and attention skills.


STANDARD PROTOCOL FOR ADHD, DYS, ASD... (without severe Speech Difficulties)

Adapting the protocol

  • For children with Severe Speech Difficulties gradually introduce Forbrain.
  • In general, you can use Forbrain in your daily routine.
  • You can repeat a full loop of Soundsory listening session (2×20 days) after a break of 2-3 months

Remember, our recommended protocol is just a suggestion. Adjust the duration, frequency, and focus of each program based on your individual growth and progress. This personalized approach ensures that you are always moving forward on your journey to cognitive and motor skill enhancement.

Begin Your Transformation Journey Today

With the FORBRAIN® and SOUNDSORY® bundle, you’re not just purchasing tools; you’re investing in a journey of continuous growth and improvement. Start today to unlock your full potential and embrace a brighter, more capable future.

FORBRAIN® works with the wearer’s voice and helps improve learning skills, speech, attention, and memory.

SOUNDSORY® works with filtered music to ease the wearer into sensory integration and is often used to build foundational skills like motor skills. It can be followed by more robust stimulation with FORBRAIN®.

The SOUNDSORY® + FORBRAIN® Special Pack has been mainly designed for children (3+) and adults with:

  • Speech-language Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Attention Disorders
  • Motor delays, balance and coordination issues
  • Autism spectrum and developmental issues
  • Sensory and Auditory processing disorders
FORBRAIN® has an immediate impact on the sound of your voice. With consistent training, FORBRAIN® acts like a brain training tool to improve speech, attention, and memory.

Regarding SOUNDSORY®, it depends on the individual’s profile, goals and what else is being done along with SOUNDSORY® to accomplish these goals. The brain needs a certain amount of repeated stimulation in order to develop new connections, reorganize itself and stabilize improvement. Some people see change within a few days, others after completion of forty days of the program. There is no way to know in advance the exact amount of time it will take.
Yes, FORBRAIN® and SOUNDSORY® are recommended by 7,000+ professionals worldwide. Both are backed by years of research and are designed to support therapeutic programs. When used as a complement, they can boost specialist and client efforts, and time to results. Forbrain and Soundsory are also suited for at-home use because they act as a bridge in-between sessions.
Of course. FORBRAIN® and SOUNDSORY® can be used between regular sessions to reinforce the work done. Considering therapy is usually a long-term approach, FORBRAIN® and SOUNDSORY® optimizes and complements these efforts.
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