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About us

Rooted from the Tomatis® Method

Our journey began in 2014

Founded in 2014 by Grégoire Tomatis and Thierry Gaujarengues, SOUND FOR LIFE emerges from a legacy of innovation, rooted in the TOMATIS METHOD—a pioneering force in neurosensory stimulation training. Initially, our mission focused on crafting lightweight, user-friendly tools to bridge therapy sessions with consistent stimulation practices for TOMATIS clients’ centers.

Revolutionary from inception

A multi-awarded technology

Our first breakthrough collaboration with SHOKZ, leaders in bone conduction technology, led to the birth of FORBRAIN®. This revolutionary device, equipped with a patented voice feedback mechanism, introduced a novel approach to auditory stimulation, earning accolades such as the prestigious award from the BETT SHOW for Special Education within a year of its inception.


Elevating the learning pyramid

The success of FORBRAIN® illuminated a broader horizon: the potential to aid a wider audience. Inspired by this vision, and still grounded in the principles of the TOMATIS METHOD, we introduced SOUNDSORY®. This program aims to enhance rhythmicity, combining carefully selected music with a movement regimen to foster both motor and cognitive development.

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Over 50,000 clients

A decade of impact

Validated by multiple peer-reviewed studies, FORBRAIN® and SOUNDSORY® now serve a diverse group experiencing sensory, motor, and cognitive challenges. As we celebrate a decade of impact in 2024, SOUND FOR LIFE has reached over 50,000 families, partnered with thousands of professionals through our affiliate program, and welcomed an increasing number of schools into our community.

As we look to the future, our mission remains clear: to transcend the boundaries of traditional labels associated with disorders, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential through the transformative power of voice, music and movement.

Our Founders

Thierry Gaujarengues & Grégoire Tomatis

Co-founders of Sound for Life LTD
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